hei’s managing director Dr. Dieter Hornbachner joined the panel discussion on “Integrated Design in Lighting” organised by Abu Dhabi City Municipality on the 2020 Annual lighting conference.

We invite you to read some of his thoughts on the event and future direction for Lighting Design.

During the 2020 Annual Lighting Conference organised by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM), I had the pleasure of joining a panel discussion organised by Mr. David Dunn / ADM on the topic of “Integrated Design in Lighting”.

Our discussion centred around what must be considered to ensure a sustainable approach to integrated lighting design. We addressed the current opportunities and challenges in maintaining sustainability and policy standards in product development, application of smart lighting concepts and integration of emerging technologies, such as solar.

I had the chance to talk about the role hei is playing as a technological spearhead and pioneer in the field of solar lighting. I outlined the hei strategic approach in research and development, from LED to battery technology, to ensure that hei solar lights are of exceptionally high quality, efficiency and reliability.

I pointed out, that transformation of the global energy system towards energy efficiency and renewable energy sources is without alternative, considering the threat due to climate change and global warming. I reminded the audience, that according Paris agreement, the increase in average global air temperature should be kept well below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial standards. This means, that our global civilization needs to phase out oil and gas in a very short period of time. All business sectors need to contribute. In outdoor lighting, solar will be a key technology to cut CO2 emissions and to provide carbon free, sustainable outdoor lighting in the Gulf region.

hei aims to light up the world in a carbon-free way, and our sustainable approach to integrated lighting design was well received by the conference. I am confident that 2020 will see us take even bigger steps in supplying sustainable outdoor lighting on a global scale.

Many thanks to the organizers of the great event!